Practicing Peace - using Nonviolent Communication as founded by Marshall Rosenberg
         Links to Learn About NVC

                    Center for Living Compassion
                                         NVC Academy
                                                (online courses)

                                            Bay NVC

                                       NVC Dance Floors
                                        (Interactive way to learn NVC)

              Video Clips of Marshall Rosenberg
               1.      A Brief Introduction

                 2.      A Vision of the Future

                                   NVC Educators Institute

                                   The Sanctuary 4 Parents

                       The Parent Peer Leadership Program




                           NVC & Neuroscience (Video)


New Jersey NVC             

Wise Heart                          
MaineNVCNetwork                  NewEnglandNVC

                                 The Exercise by Thom Bond
                      (Tool for Exploring Feelings & Needs in a Specific Situation)   
                                                       (PuddleDancer Press)
                                 (videos of NVC & Grok Products)

                                   Family Heart Camp




                                             (DC, MD, VA)

                                                (Middle East)






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