Practicing Peace - using Nonviolent Communication as founded by Marshall Rosenberg
                                                                                     Learn to
Compassionately with yourself and 
                                                                  An Interview with Susan Reeves

      NVC Practice Group in Saugerties
                 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month

                             Flatbush Reformed Church
                                     1844 Rt. 32 Saugerties, NY

                                                Drop-ins welcome
         Here's what people are saying about NVC:

   "Susan has a deep knowledge of NVC that she willingly shares in a delightful, compassionate, humorous way. I have been practicing Compassionate Communication for several years yet I always leave Susan's practice group with some new highlight or an ah-ha point. I am grateful for her generosity, wisdom, depth of practice, playful spirit and lovely space she provides to do this work.

Reverend Jen Bendelius, Pastor 
Flatbush Reformed Church Saugerties, NY

   "I have found that NVC has dramatically improved the quality of my life. I benefit from the TOOLS that NVC provides because I have confidence that tough conversations and stressful situations are doable if I take the time to figure out what my needs are and what requests will help to meet those needs. These TOOLS are clearly some of the best learned skills I have ever acquired".

   "The learning process is life long and practice is essential. I have been blessed to share NVC Practice Sessions with Susan Reeves. Susan is a gifted Compassionate Communication facilitator, practitioner and teacher. I love to hear her insights and she is a master at role playing to help tease out ways to navigate sticky situations".

Sharron Phillips - Chester, NY

   "I have been going to Susan's NVC Group, and I really enjoy attending it; it meets many needs for me including connection, learning, respect and community. I feel quite satisfied to be heard and seen, and basically nurtured, by the end of the meeting. I really appreciate that Susan highlights the empathy aspect, and I feel safe and a sense of trust in the space she creates for the group".

J.S.- Highland Mills, NY

     "I am grateful to have been introduced to the techniques of Nonviolent Communication as defined by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. Reading an introductory book helped me gain a general understanding of the technique and begin to use it in my life personally. Through meeting with a weekly practice group that Susan facilitated I gained additional practice in using and applying the techniques. Susan's group definitely contributed to helping me become more comfortable than I had previously been with the NVC process. I am thankful that I now not only use the NVC process personally but I also incorporate it into my professional life and sometimes have opportunity to share it with others in need of gaining another communication tool".

E.V.- Educator & Small Business owner in New Paltz

               Empathy Sessions with Susan Reeves
       Empathy Practice is based on Nonviolent Communication
                                  as founded by Marshall Rosenberg
                                 Basics of Nonviolent Communication

                                         Tools for Inner Peace Work

                                Connecting with Loved Ones using NVC

                                           Inner Peace is Possible

                     This group bases its work on the book
                                     by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD.
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